Music Literacy: A Gaming Model of Learning
An evolution in teaching music literacy using technology and gaming models of learning. The goal is to learn music theory so that musical elements can be recalled quickly and easily.
Momilani Ramstrum Ph.D.
Comprehensive Course Types
Assessment Test
Music Fundamentals
Theory 1,2,3,4

Gaming model of testing
Retry until skill is acquired and compete for points
Students are motivated, retention is higher
Weekly online music tournament for extra credit
Extra credit for high volume and speed of performance
Quizzes repeatable until skill is mastered
Timed tests encourage speed
Continual review of materials build depth of knowledge

Minimize Workload for Instructors
21 music fundamental skills with multiple levels.
Assignments randomly generated and automatically graded.
Cumulative grades and extra credit displayed in gradebook.
Auto-reminder emails to students on assignment due date.
Student testing data generated to analyze student learning.
Customizable courses to fit your syllabus.
Customizable timed assessment/placement tests.
Auto-graded music analysis: chords, keys, roman numerals.
Can be integrated into fully online classes.
Comprehensive: Placement, Fundamentals, Theory 1-4.
Website access only OR web with textbook or workbook.
New modules and upgrades added every semester.
Website developments responsive to instructor requests.

Online modules
Note reading, octave sign, scales, modes, rhythm counting, barlines, beats, key signatures, scale degrees, intervals, chords, roman numerals, chromatic chords, analysis
Assignments with progressive skill levels
Online tournament to compete for extra credit
Unique problem sets with randomizer
Unlimited practice with immediate feedback
Assignments available 24/7
Competitive gaming approach to learning
Can be used with fully online courses
Practice room: all levels and all modules available

Music Fundamentals
(Complete textbook)
$40 to bookstore
Theory Workbooks
(Theory I, II, III & IV)
$31 to bookstore
Website access included with purchase of book or Website access available separately $20

Example Music Module: Key Signatures
"Knowing that I can do very well in these online tests gives me the confidence and the knowledge I need to be able to succeed in my class."
G.M., Student, Music Theory 1, Mesa College

"...The site motivates me to learn faster and become stronger as a musician."
- C.O., Student, Music Theory 1, Mesa College

"The site is fantastic. I am not one to stay on one subject for very long, but when something truly entertains me I find it hard to put down, needless to say I have difficulty getting my homework done for my other classes because I am always trying to beat my score on your website.
- D. J., Music Theory I student, Mesa College

"The online tournament is really engaging ... it's like a game so you learn as you play. Also, I appreciate how you can try as many times to beat the quality of your last performance without penalty before the due date."
J.C., Music Theory I student, Mesa College

"I really enjoy the challenge of the Music Program Music Literacy. It is very user friendly."
- R.S., Mesa College, Music Theory I Student

"I think without the online component in these music classes it would take me much longer to learn this stuff."

"Just in the past week and a half through our first two tournaments my note reading speed has dramatically increased."
A.G., Mesa College, Theory I student